Narconon Freedom Center

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in Albion, Michigan has been helping addicts overcome addiction for over 45 years. By providing a long term residential drug rehab, you are able to take time to focus on yourself and your addiction through the various therapies offered at Narconon Freedom Center. To speak to an addiction counselor today about our addiction treatment program, call today at 877-639-2909

freedom from addictionDetox

The first step in any recovery is always a detox process, which Narconon Freedom Center offers as a drug free program and without the agonizing effects of normal withdrawals. We utilize nutritional supplements that are specified for the needs of our clients, which aids their body in a speedy recovery during detox. Learn more here.

Educationdrug education

This phase of the Narconon Freedom Center begins with educational therapies that help the addict regain control of their life and help them focus on true goals, as well as readdressing communication skills. In addition to this, you will go through a series of exercises to find specific events or people in their past that you have your attention stuck on, so that you may look at the event through a sober pair of eyes now.
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Life Skillsholistic drug rehab

During this phase of the Narconon Freedom Center program, you will build up your self-esteem, self-confidence, integrity and responsibility. You will also form a solid foundation to build their own moral compass on. This phase of the Narconon Freedom Center program is broken down into four different parts. Click here to learn more.

After Careaddiction recovery

We know that the transition period from a drug rehab facility back into a real life situation can be a tricky and confusing time for many. This is why Narconon Freedom Center provides after care addiction treatment for every client for the first year of recovery. To find out more about our after care program, click here.